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Monday, November 5, 2012

We're half-way there!

Hi!  I’m Allie, a P1 student, and I am twelve weeks into my first year at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy.  Thankfully, my head is still above water.  However, if you should find yourself struggling, there are opportunities available from peer-tutoring, 24 hour access to the Pharmacy building, and the writing center on main campus to aid in your survival.  At mid-term, if you have less than a C in a class, you are notified confidentially that you are on academic probation.  This is set up to make sure that all is being done to ensure your success in the course.  An appointment with your advisor is arranged and the two of you will work out a plan on how you will get yourself to a passing grade.  If you do not manage to accomplish this, PCSP allows for you to retake that course in the summer for a second chance to pass.

These past twelve weeks of pharmacy school have been an amazing experience.  I’m living in an apartment for the first time, which compared to living in a dorm room for undergrad is heaven.  My apartment also allows for a lovely 5 minute walk to class every day.  Everyone within the school, as well as, the Clinton community is warm and welcoming, so do not be surprised when they know you’re name!

We are coming off our fall break which was a good breather to get away for a while.  For me, this consisted of going back home to Kentucky and spending time with my family on our farm.  After I am finished composing this blog I shall make the six hour trip back to Clinton and reality.  But just as quick as these last weeks have gone by, it will soon be time for FINALS and a well deserved Christmas break!  Until then, the studying and stress shall continue.

Good luck in your pursuits!  Hope to see you next fall!

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