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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Career Options in Pharmacy

My name is Angela, and I am a P3 at PCSP.  

PCSP allows students many opportunities to search for the right path in pharmacy to take.  Many students will choose to work in a retail setting once they graduate.  Many will want to work in a hospital setting.  Some will choose a residency and specialize in a particular area of pharmacy (critical care, oncology, pediatrics, etc.).  Some students will even choose to go the route of research and possibly work for a pharmaceutical company or even the FDA.  The paths I listed are only a few options for a pharmacist as a career.  This to me is very exciting.  I came from a small town in Nebraska, and I thought my only options in pharmacy were retail or hospital.

The faculty at PCSP is great at providing us with the information and the tools needed to pursue our area of interest.  Some of the faculty is currently working at retail and hospital settings so they let us “shadow” them at their sites to see where our interest lies.  Some of the faculty is in active research in various health-related projects.  The students are able to work on this research in collaboration with the faculty member.  The research findings can be presented at organizational meetings and even nationally. 

As you can see, PCSP allows you to find your place in the pharmacy world!  The faculty and staff are there for support and guidance.  You are not a number at PCSP, you are part of the community and the family!

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