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Monday, November 26, 2012

Many Doors of Opportunity

My name is Mary-Murk, and I am a 3rd year pharmacy student.  When I began my first year of pharmacy school, I automatically related pharmacy to a retail store because that is where I had worked for numerous years.  My mindset quickly changed as I became exposed to a wide variety of opportunities throughout the pharmacy profession as pharmacy school progressed.  During the second semester of my first year of pharmacy school we began IPPEs, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences.  The community setting of pharmacy was where we began our IPPEs.  Rotation sites ranged from chain pharmacies to independent pharmacies.  We spent about 4 hours per week for 5 consecutive weeks at a community pharmacy site, and rotated to a different facility for another 5 weeks.  Our second year IPPEs were set up the same way, but we went out to various institutional settings instead of a community pharmacy.  

Our current rotations are a bit different from the previous two years because we are at our site for a full 8 hours one day a week for 6 weeks.  The types of IPPE sites we get to experience during our 3rd year range from hospitals, dialysis clinics, long-term care facilities and many more.  Being exposed to the many different types of opportunities that are offered to pharmacists has really opened my eyes and shown me the different career paths available to me after graduation.  

The IPPEs have really prepared all of us for what is to come in the months ahead as we embark on the next chapter of our pharmacy careers.  Presbyterian College has definitely opened many doors of opportunity for their students.  PCSP continuously strives for excellence by equipping us with the necessary building blocks to be the most well-rounded and respected pharmacist we can possibly be.  

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  1. Good job, Mary-Murk...I am excited for you as you finish your schooling and embark on your career....I have always had faith in you....Jennie