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Monday, December 2, 2013

Study. No really, STUDY!!!

I’m sure everyone reading this is asking the same question, “How hard is it?”, I know I was. Honestly, it is hard, but if it wasn’t you probably wouldn’t be entertaining the thought of going to pharmacy school. Anything in life worth having is also worth working for. Admit it you want that Pharm. D. and you want to be able to really make a difference in the world, we all do.

So, can you do it?

I asked myself this question every day for the first 3 weeks, then I studied, and I studied right. There are certain things that work for certain people and I encourage you as an incoming student to explore your study options and find out what works; what makes it click to you. Some of you probably have never even had to study, and learning good study habits will be a challenge for you, just don’t give up.

For me, I have a close study group that I click with. We shout out answers, draw on all the lovely white boards we can find, and quiz each other continuously. We meet often and help each other stay motivated. Of course, there is time during these group study sessions for laughter and fun, and when you start including the material in the jokes; you know you’re a real pharmacy school student.

Find what works for you whether it’s studying alone or in groups; flashcards or outlines; put in the time, put in the effort.

So, yes, you can do it.

Written by Rebecca Conley, P1 Student

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