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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bring Your "Swagger" to PCSP!

Dear prospective students, congratulation on getting to the interview process!!  The interview part of the process was my favorite.  I knew if I could get an interview and the school was able to see who I really am, I would have a great shot at getting a seat in the upcoming class.  I know there will be a lot of nerves kicking in during the interviews and that is normal.  I would like to pass this on to you.  One of my professors always tells our class that as long as we show up to test day with our “swagger” then we will do just fine.  I have listened to him and learned that as long as I show up in whatever I am doing with “swagger”/ confidence in myself then I do just fine.  So as you are preparing for your interview or if you have already been accepted and you are preparing for the start of the year, come with your “swagger”, have your personal confidence built, be yourself and you will be successful.

If you have already been accepted and you are looking for a way to get a jump start on your P1 year, there are few things I would suggest.  First go ahead and learn the top 200 drugs in both brand and generic names, this will be HUGE advantage to you if you already know these terms coming in.  Secondly, when you get tasks that you think are small task that you can easily knock out then go ahead on the weekend and easily knock them out.  You do not want these easier tasks piling up on you at the end of the semester.

Best Wishes!!
Written by Caleb, P1 student

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