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Monday, December 9, 2013

White Coat Ceremony

White Coat Ceremony, what a day.  I never felt so full of hope and excitement for the future.  It was not simply my induction into the doctor of pharmacy program; the connotation of this phrase goes far beyond the innocently named ceremony or the physically white coat.  I had already worn a white coat before.  Why did I feel so different and special on that particular day?  Maybe it was the representation of all of my hopes and dreams.  I finally felt that I had attained something on account of all of my hard work.  Ironically, on such a day of beginnings I experienced a sense of completion.  The physical ceremony proceeded equally as beautiful as my inner epiphany.  I was impressed by the faculties’ dedication to perfection.  Hopefully we did not throw them off kilter by collectively giving them high fives during the procession.  That moment was so glorious that I proudly take credit for instigating it.
My name is Anna Lavotchin and I highly recommend the white coat ceremony as a day to ponder about the immense blessings bestowed upon us which brought us to that day.  I wish that I could write a blog about every single day at pharmacy school because it keeps getting better and brighter. 
Written by Anna Lavochin, P1 Student

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