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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For the "Out-of-Staters"

Being from Ohio myself, I was a little tense when I first came down to Clinton, South Carolina to come to PCSP.  I had some family down here, but I really didn’t know more than 5 people in the entire state before I got in my car and made the 8 hour trek down here.  I had gone a few hours away from home for undergrad, but being out of state was definitely a step up from being a short drive away.  

Honestly, the first few people I met down here became some of the best friends I’ve had.  Arriving for orientation, I walked through the door and started joking around with a few guys in the line waiting to get my name tag.  It didn’t take long to realize that just about everyone down here is in a similar situation, and that quite a few people I met were from a lot of places that didn’t end with Carolina.  Whether from the area or not, everyone I talked to was extremely easy to get along with, which being from an undergraduate university in a major city, I really wasn’t all that used to that happening.  Even this far from home, it was easy to find a place in this school and community.

There was an extreme difference from Clinton and both the town I grew up in as well as the city I went to school in before PCSP.  Coming from a bigger city school to a smaller town was a bit of a shock, but with the people I met, as well as the School itself, it really made the transition easier.  I have had many experiences here that I could not have had in other settings, and PCSP has given me many chances to be successful in the pharmacy field.  Coming down to Clinton has definitely been a good choice for my education, and between you and me, the winters down here are hard to beat.

Written by Pat, P3  Student

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