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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

P1 Year Completed!

Hey everyone!  My name is Jenny, and I am a P2.  I can’t believe that I have already completed my first year of pharmacy school…it has been a whirlwind of studying, learning, and even squeezing some fun in with friends! Beginning pharmacy school, I (along with all of my classmates) was nervous at the prospect of keeping up with the rapid pace and challenging material that was presented to me by my new professors.  As the semester went on, and the first exams were completed, I realized that I really CAN do this if I put forth some effort.  The start of the second semester had me feeling much more confident in my abilities to keep up and do the work required at the graduate level.  My advice to you as you are beginning your pharmacy career is to stay on top of your assignments, and remain confident in the fact that you were able to get into pharmacy school, so someone believed that you would be able to finish the program- be confident in your abilities- they have served you well thus far!

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