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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

IPPE Rotations-The Most Valuable Learning Experiences!

I am a current P3 here at PCSP; therefore have a few semesters under my belt. I have to admit that one of my most valued aspects of the Pharmacy curriculum are the IPPEs that I have been able to be a part of. These are “Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences” which we all are required to do 320 hours in our first three years at PCSP. In essence, these are our hands on learning experiences through rotations with current local pharmacy practice sites. I have greatly enjoyed each and every one of these experiences that I have had in my time at PC.

Initially, rotations our P1 years were at community sites (independent pharmacies or chain/retail pharmacies). These rotations correlated well with the curriculum that we were responsible for during the initial year. Mastering of the top 200 drugs as well as significant counseling points for each were important on these rotations. It was very helpful to be able to apply these in practice and have direct patient experiences in addition to classroom experiences.

After the initial community pharmacy familiarity, we began rotations at institutional sites. These can involve many difference experiences such as various hospitals, clinics, long term care pharmacies, as well as state funded facilities. These allow us to integrate the vast majority of information we have learned thus far and apply it to specific patients and disease states. In my opinion, rotating through these facilities truly prove how much we have learned from PCSP, and will continue to learn through upcoming years and rotations.

One valuable experience for me on an IPPE was my first institutional rotation at a State funded psychiatric Institution. Although thus far we have not covered a detailed module on psych, I was very impressed and inspired by how much I was able to take away from the experience, and the desire to continue to learn more that was sparked from the rotation experience.

I am confident that all PCSP students have all had similar, yet unique experiences with their rotation sites as well. Hands on education as well as real-life patient care has enabled me to be able to grow as a future pharmacist and find specific areas of interest personalized to my career goals.
Written by Ginnie, P3 Student

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