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Monday, September 23, 2013

Preparation for Interviews 101

Dear Student,
Well, hello. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read about interviewing tips. My story begins after I have received the call for an interview for no particular pharmacy school. I was like, “where do I even begin to practice or prepare for the interview?!” I began researching through the God of search engines, Google, to find anything and everything about interviewing. I have stumbled upon so many tips on interviewing material that I could write a book. But there was still something missing. I soon came to realize the other half of interviewing was put all that data into practice. Remember, interviewing is a skill that can be obtainable, but needs to put into action.
There are many ways to practice interviewing. Prior to practicing, you will need not some things.
1.      A mock questionnaire of interview questions
2.      And must have answered all the questions
3.      And someone or anybody to practice
One way to practice is in front to a mirror with you and your dimensional self. Another location is at the mall, just ask a random stranger to interview you. The last resort should be your friends or family because they can be not authentic, judgmental, and will probably laugh at you. It is still an option, but you have been warned. 
If I were to tell you the top three things to remember when going to the interview day, would you believe me? The top three things to remember is to bring a smile, dress your best, and accepted that the person next to you is just as nervous. Think with me. A smile is your best accessory, it brings out the best in others around you, and people cannot tell if you are a nervous wreck inside. Dressing up your best is like wearing armor for battle. It looks like you are prepared, professional, and it will show. We are programmed to fear the unknown. It is natural to feel nervous and the other entire synonym that follows. If you accepted that fear, then you become the master of that fear.
Let me tell you a fail proof system on answering all types of interview questions. I wished someone told me at my first interview about this, but I digress. I call it the proof method. I am proving or convincing the interviewer of what I have done previously with a passion. The system goes something like this:
Interviewer asks a question about your hobby.
You would reply:
1.      Describe the subject. What is it?
         I love to watch and play basketball
2.      What did you do with that subject?
         I go practice my skills at the courts every Sunday.
3.      What did you learn about that subject?
         It takes a lot of energy to swing the winning momentum to motivation  myself moving and others around me.
4.      How will it affect you in the future? (This depends on the question - this can be omitted)
         By playing basketball keep my heart pumping and keeps my body into cardio shape. 
Try to imagine going to a random stranger and having them ask you a pre-worked up question set like the example above and you answering them. That is what I did. You have the option to do that.  Your college’s career service office could also probably assist you with doing a mock interview to help prepare you. 
Believe it or not, the interview is another opportunity for you to network the people around you on interview day. They could potentially become your new classmate or a potential roommate. Cease the opportunity because it might help you. After the interview is all set and done, make sure to thank your interviewer. When you travel back from home, make sure you send them a letter by thanking them for their time and the experience. I know snail mail is archaic, but I have to say it does come a long way. I am sure you have heard this phrase, “little things come a long way”. Well, it applies here as well.
Now, you and I both know that interviewing is a skill that needs to be obtained. Always bring your smile, dress to impress, and acknowledge that fear can be controlled. The proof method is flawless, in my opinion. If you don’t get anything out of my interview experience, then remember it is all about preparation, preparation, and preparation.
Best Wishes,
Written by Patrick, P2 Student

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