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Monday, September 1, 2014

Culture of Success

When I began my quest to become a pharmacist in high school, I looked for a program that was not only going to accept me but make me the best pharmacist I can be. Shortly after I began my P1 year at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy, I notice something different that I haven’t experience anywhere else. This difference was the culture of success. All of my classmates and faculty behaved in a professional manner that it began to rub off on me. Also, the mindset of service to the community began to become instilled into my personality. I caught myself doing more non-pharmacy community service than required, and feeling a sense of fulfillment once I volunteered. Outside of the classroom I was beginning to gain some of the attributes that cannot be read in a book or taught on a PowerPoint presentation that all current and future pharmacists needed. My classmates and faculty elected for me to take part in activities such as sitting on Q&A panel for PC undergraduates, student panel to interview Admissions Director, and many activities I couldn't see myself participating in until I came to PCSP.

                To the prospective students, know that there is a bright future waiting for you here at PCSP where you can grow academically and professionally. There are various guidelines which help foster a professional environment. The faculty and staff will prepare you for the real world interactions with the culture of success   
-Jimmy Pruitt

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