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Monday, October 28, 2013

PCSP- The Best School for Me!

Hi, my name is Sienna Miller and I am a second year pharmacy student.  It seems like just yesterday my white coat ceremony took place and now I am in my second year of pharmacy school!  As I walked across the stage to receive my white coat and sign the Honor Pledge Oath, I knew that attending Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy was the right decision for me.  As a pharmacy student prospect, you are nervous before, during, and after interviews.  However, coming to PC was a unique experience.  Here at PC, the faculty, students, and staff were all welcoming and show true interest in wanting us to learn and to become the best pharmacist possible. We have a variety of faculty members that bring various high standards for each student, which will enhance your desire to be a pharmacist.  Every day that I come to school, all of my professors are at the school and some even stay after hours just to help us out.  It is rare to find many universities where you have that kind of commitment from your professors. It is a great attribute for the students.
I am not glorifying PC because I attend school here.  As a student pharmacy prospect, you should apply to many schools and try to get as many interviews as possible to increase your chances of attending pharmacy school.  I did apply to many schools and also had some interviews; however after visiting PC I knew that this was my home because I was welcomed with open arms.  Today as a second year pharmacy student I am still welcomed with open arms and I will continue to work to the best of my ability to uphold the standards that our professors expect from us.  So I hope to see you enrolling here very soon. If you see me passing in the hall, stop and say hello.  I will try my best to help you feel at ease and reassure you that coming to PC is a great decision.
Written by Sienna, P2 Student.

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