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Monday, July 7, 2014

I can remember back to when I was in middle school having people tell me the importance of making good study habits early. Luckily, I took that advice and managed to do just fine in high school and undergrad. Now, as a first year pharmacy student, I see the importance of starting those habits early because they have served me well in my first year here at PCSP. If I could give undergrad students, (or even high school students for that matter) one piece of studying advice, it would be…drum roll please…start making a habit of studying a little every night! No longer will studying the night before, or even a couple nights before, be sufficient. Number one, you’re being presented a lot more material in a short amount of time. Number two, who really enjoys the occasional meltdown from being overwhelmed? Studying a little each day helps prevent those! (And helps you do well on the occasional pop quiz). Few meltdowns and nice pop quiz grades makes for a much happier world, my friend. Plus it will give you some fridge-worthy tests to send home to Mom. Pharmacy school isn’t a walk in the park, but by implementing good study habits and a good work ethic, it’s definitely doable! 

Written by Aurezu, P1 Student

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