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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Commuting or Moving to Clinton

For those curious about living situations while at PCSP, several students commute, but also a lot of students live in Clinton.  I found a little apartment through the PCSP Housing Group that you could be added to once you get accepted.  Although it may seem like there is nowhere to live in Clinton, there are places around. It just requires a little time looking.  There are apartments available and lots of houses available for rent. You could even find a roommate if you wanted to live with one of your classmates.  I think there are so many benefits to living in town, like being able to study at school late knowing that I live right around the corner instead of having a 30 minute commute. Going to intramural sporting events knowing I won’t have to drive home late and also a lot of the P1’s live here so we get together and hang out when we have some free. To me I think it is just very convenient.  I like living in Clinton since I’m only 5 minutes from school, and I recently got a puppy so I can run home at lunch and let him out which is great!  There are even some community events that you can attend some weekends in town along with PC football games and other sporting events.  I have found living in Clinton very beneficial my first year here at PCSP.  Hope this helps those looking for housing in the area, good luck!

Written by Sara, P1 Student

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