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Monday, November 18, 2013

Orientation Week

My name is Kayla Bradley and I am a P1 student. Prospective students are always worried about making new friends or adjusting to a new city. I can honestly say that orientation week helped prepare me and took some of the nerves away from starting a professional program. Various activities were planned throughout the week and involved interaction with other classmates and professors. One day consisted of a scavenger hunt on the main campus. Another day, the entire class traveled to Spartanburg and visited QS1 Pharmacy & HME Software and Smith Drugs. Personally, I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt. I completed this task with my study group and this was a great bonding experience. We learned a little bit about each other and why we chose pharmacy as a career path.
Along with meeting and interacting with my study group, I also got the chance to meet with my advisor and advising group. Orientation allowed me to meet new friends and interact with my professors and other staff members before the official start of classes. I was able to learn more about the resources available to me as a PC student. I was very anxious to start my first day as a professional student after all of the orientation activities!

Written by Kayla, P1 Student

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