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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time Management

Hi! My name is Alex and I’m a second year pharmacy student at PC. A lot of incoming students have questions about how to balance a pharmacy school schedule and life outside of school. This is basic time management.
I am currently president-elect of a professional pharmacy fraternity in addition to 3 other organizations that I am involved with. I am also very active within my community. I am very busy but I am able to be a successful leader at PCSP and student organization member. The most important thing that you must remember when getting involved at PCSP is that school is always first!

The best method of keeping up with all of your assignments, labs, classes, and meetings is definitely a planner. I write down everything from homework problems to dinner plans. Its important to always keep on top of things that way you don’t miss a deadline. If so, you might not get credit for your hard work!
The best advice I ever received concerning time management and pharmacy school is to treat it as a full time job; you are a full time student! Most classes begin at 8:30 am and with labs, meetings, and projects you usually do not arrive home until around 5 pm. If you have your days planned out and know what to expect, you can tackle any additional curveballs that might come your way!

Pharmacy school is tough but if you manage your time well, there is no reason why you cannot participate in any organization, activity, or opportunity that arises! Always remember that school is your first priority and keep your planner handy!
Written By Alex Yarborough, P2 Student

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