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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blue Hose Knows!

Self Care Bowl at SCPhA, Hilton Head Island
June 6-9, 2013

Last weekend I attended the South Carolina Pharmacy Association Annual Convention down in Hilton Head, SC; this would be my second year in attendance and also my favorite!  This year SCPhA held a Self Care Quiz Bowl between the four pharmacy campuses here in South Carolina: USC campus of SCCP, MUSC campus of SCCP, PCSP, and South University!  I was lucky enough to be a part of PCSP’s self care team.

Our team consisted of 5 girls, including myself, and two community practice faculty, Dr. Kayce Shealy and Dr. Tiffany Threatt!  Our coaches helped us to prepare for the quiz bowl by providing practice sessions that would be set up in a similar fashion to the actual competition, and they supplied us with plenty of information and facts on over the counter medicines, not to mention our last class of the semester was OTC!  The jeopardy style categories for the quiz bowl were sent out to us, and as a team, our strategy was to divide and conquer.  My two categories were Nicotine Numbers and wonDERMents, suggesting that I would need to know everything OTC for nicotine replacement therapy and skin.  Other categories my teammates took were GI don’t feel well,  Bug Bites, Seasonal Allergies, Anagrammed OTCs, Potent Potables, ELEMENTary answers, and OTC rules and regulations.  We decided to also give our team some flare with our team name “First Response”, and we decided to dress up as Nerds to have a little fun with the competition! 

When quiz bowl time came around Saturday afternoon, we had the best fans in the crowd to cheer us on!  Some of our own faculty and staff from PCSP came out to support us!  The competition went great and we definitely made it known that we knew our OTC stuff!  Our team ended up getting second place out of the four teams competing!  I could not have been more proud of our team and our school!  Being involved in the state convention through the Self Care Bowl brings about the team spirit and made the convention even more fun for all of us.

Hope to see all of you guys get involved here at PCSP!

Take Care,

Lauren, P3 

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