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Monday, May 6, 2013

Finding the Perfect Study Buddy

Everyone has a different way of learning.  Hopefully you’ve figured out what works for you by now, but if not there’s still time.  One of the most important aspects of studying is your study buddy and it may or may not be an actual person.  Some people need complete silence and a white erase board, others a small group where they can discuss, and others still may need a coffee shop and their favorite Pandora station to be their study buddy.  Whatever works for you, stick with it.  For me I always study best in a familiar place with some background noise.  That perfect study combination got a makeover when I came to pharmacy school, and it wasn’t just the adjustment to a new school, new apartment, and new friends.  I got a dog during the spring semester of my P1 year!  Her name is Molly, and she has become the perfect study buddy.  She cuddles quietly in my lap or in her bed for the most part, but she also forces me to take study breaks to play with her or take her outside.  She also ensures that I get up early in the morning to take her out and feed her and as a result my day gets going sooner.  While a dog may not be an ideal study buddy for everyone, there is someone or something out there who will be.  At the end of the day your study buddy will be a very big part of your time in pharmacy school because most of those 4 years will be spent studying.  
Written by Cortney, P3 student 

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