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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Living Options While Learning at PCSP

Hello everyone!  My name is Marija, and I am a P2 student at PCSP.  From the first time when I visited PCSP during the Open House to now, when I am half way finished with my second year, I still love everything about this school.  As previously mentioned by my fellow classmates, this school has a lot to offer to help mold us into the best future pharmacists.  We get to learn using top notch technology, integrated curriculum, and the best professors a student can ask for.  In addition, the sense of community and togetherness at PCSP is incredible.  These were some of the aspects that were important to me when I was deciding on which school to apply to.  There are many other aspects to consider, including where one chooses to live in relation to where PCSP is located.  I personally live in Greenville, South Carolina, fifty miles north of Clinton.  Although the drive from Greenville to Clinton is a long distance, I carpool with two fellow classmates to keep fuel costs down and the drive more enjoyable.  Rather than moving to Clinton, I chose to remain in Greenville in order to live close to home and enjoy the charm that Greenville offers.  Many of my student colleagues live in cities closer to PC, including Simpsonville, Laurens, and Clinton. The city you choose to live in determines the length of a commute you will drive to and from school.  For example, the family-friendly city of Simpsonville is nearly a 30 minute drive, whereas Laurens is more of a 15 minute drive.  Clinton, in which PCSP is centrally located, offers students the opportunity to either walk to school or drive a very short distance.  Although the prospect of finding a home before your first year of pharmacy school can be stressful, a facebook housing page was created for future PC pharmacy students to inquire about buying and renting, as well as roommate opportunities.  As you can see, there are many options to choose from when deciding where to live, but you can be certain that your PC family will help make that transition as smooth as possible.

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